1.Q: Are you currently teaching ONLINE?

A: We are currently teaching all our courses online successfully.

2.Q: What do I need to join online classes?

A: You will need to apply and gain admission to the college to be enrolled for our online classes. You will also need a laptop and a stable internet connection to access online learning. Sewing machine for those applying for fashion design.

3.Q: When are your intakes?

A: Intakes are in JANUARY, MAY and SEPTEMBER of every year

4.Q: How do I apply?

A: You can apply to our institution by following the links on our website. Or sending an Email to make and enquiry to

5.Q: Do I have to sit for an interview?

A: All our students have to sit for an interview aimed at ensuring our applicants are well versed with what they would like to learn and is the first opportunity for us to offer you the necessary career guidance so that you make informed decisions.

6.Q: Where is the school located?

A: On Elmolo drive, off James Gichuru road in Lavington

7.Q: Do you offer accommodation facilities?

A: Currently due to the pandemic we are not offering accommodation for our students. However, we will offer updates on the same in future.

8.Q: What if I don’t have an ID?

A: Since we do not take in students below the age of 18, we require either an Identity Card waiting slip or a Passport to certify your age.

9.Q: What makes this school special?

A: We have been training designers for more than 40 years.  Our vast experience and knowledge in the field puts us at a prime position to offer you the best quality of design education.

10.Q: What is this school most proud of?

A: Our students leave the school with skill and knowledge that can sustain them in their future as employees or entrepreneurs.

11.Q: Is the school on a semester, trimester or quarter system?

A: Semester which is 3months.

12.Q: What if I want to transfer credits to another school or join another school from your institution?

A: You will need to know the entry requirements for that school first, after which we will facilitate your smooth transition

13.Q: When do you hold your graduation ceremony?

A: We hold graduations in December for all those who have successfully completed their course that year.

14.Q: Do you get your students internships or do they have to search themselves?

A: We encourage all our students to seek internship FIRST for themselves so that we ensure they get the BEST out of their self-driven internship experiences. Institution initiated Internships are only offered to students who request such intervention. ALL internship placements are vetted by the institution before students engage in the activity.

15.Q: How long does internship last and when is it taken?

A: Internship lasts for three months and it taken at the end of our LEVEL 4 Higher Nationals Certificate course.

16.Q: What is the job placement rate?

A: The wonderful thing about learning a skill is that you are open to different opportunities; entrepreneurship or employment giving you a WIN-WIN either way.

17.Q: Do you offer work-and-learn opportunities for persons already in the job market?

A: Yes, we do have the short courses that are flexible for someone who is at work and range between 3 and 12 weeks across ALL art and design specialties.

18.Q: What is BTEC?

A: BTEC stands for the Business and Technology Education Council. BTEC courses are specialist, work-related qualifications that combine practical learning with subject and theory content.

19.Q: Who are they for?

A: BTEC courses are designed for young people interested in a particular sector or industry but who are not yet sure what job they’d like to do.

20.Q: Do you certify at each level?

A:Certification is done at each level upon successful completion.

21.Q: How do they work?


1.Every BTEC student takes the core units, which provide a broad foundation and understanding about the sector.

2.There is a range of optional units to choose from which enable students to focus on particular interests and plans they have for next steps into further study, an apprenticeship, or employment.

3.The course involves a series of assignments which can be written or activity-based. Students complete some assignments individually and some as part of a team as well as apply their knowledge and skills through work experience.

4.The BTECs offered at the institution beginning at Level 3 with an extended diploma in art and design and progress to a Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Art and Design and finally a Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Art and Design.

22.Q: What are the minimum requirements for a BTEC?

A: Entry requirements may vary depending on the school but our institution takes a minimum of a D+ for KCSE or its equivalent in IGCSE or ACE. We also acknowledge previous learning whether formal or informal.

23.Q: What can you do next?

A: On successful completion of a BTEC National qualification, students can progress to employment or continue their learning in the same or related areas of study, in higher education and professional development programmes.