Interior design is an art and science of enhancing the interior spaces of the build environment into a
more functional, aesthetic and elegant living/ working space. This therefore means that interior
designers are the most vital individuals in the built environment since they define the spaces we live in
giving them both aesthetic and functional purposes. The interior design course at Evelyn College of
Design extensively covers all the variegated design segments that adopt the practical aspects of molding
interior spaces into the most desired and defined spaces with unique, aesthetic and functional
signatures. This equips the learner with skills to enter the job or entrepreneurial market as a project
manager, interior design consultant, landscape artist, furniture designer, CAD specialist, interior
decorator, space planner and interior and exterior concept developer amongst other skills.
Four terms, 14 weeks each with a Total of 18 Units covered. Term 1&2 each covers 5 Units; Term 3&4
each covers 4 Units. Achieved accreditation Pearson BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design.
Learners do not get an exemption from first year Foundation at University
Two terms, 14 weeks each with a Total of 8 Units covered. Term 1&2 each covers four (4) Units.
Learners achieve a Pearson BTEC Higher National Certificate in Art & Design
Two terms, 14 weeks each with a Total of 6 Units covered. Term 1&2 each covers three (3) Units.
Learners Achieve a Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma in Art and Design and an exemption from first
year Foundation at the discretion of the university’s enrolment requirements.

a) Introduction to Technical drawing 1
Technical drawings are important for all designers as it aids in the execution of real life
applicable designs. This short course has a duration of 6 weeks in which the learner gains skills
in the execution of well scaled and dimensioned drawings suitable for residential buildings
complete with furniture, fixtures and fittings.
b) Introduction to Technical drawing 2
In the second part of the introduction to technical drawing with the same 6-week duration, the
learner advances to commercial buildings with all its bells and whistles. This two sections have
no prerequisites
c) Landscape Design 1
This short course introduces learners to the design for the exterior of a residential buildings
complete with all the features found in these areas. A prerequisite to this short course is
introduction to technical drawing one. The course duration is 6 weeks.
d) Landscape Design 2
Landscape design 2 is also a 6-week short course and explore exterior landscape design for
commercial buildings and is more advanced in nature. Its prerequisite is introduction to
technical drawing 2.
e) Architectural Model making 1
Architectural models are an important facet in interior and architecture design. They help
clients and designers visualize the space from an actual representation in form of an
architectural model. The first section of this short course covers residential spaces or
commercial spaces of single story building complete with furniture, fittings and accessories
covered over a period of 4 weeks. Prerequisite is either introduction to technical drawing 1 or
2 and introduction to ArchiCAD 1 or 2.

f) Architectural Model making 2
This short course just as the first section takes 4 weeks of learning and covers commercial
buildings(storied) and landscaping. All other learned items including furniture, fittings and
accessories are added to the course. The prerequisites include introduction to technical
drawing 1 or 2 and introduction to ArchiCAD 1 or 2.
g) Introduction to ArchiCad 1
This 8 week course in Computer Aided Design with a bias to Architectural Computer Aided
Design, is geared at teaching learners’ the basics of the design program and its tools and how
to design floor plans, furniture layouts and simple renders mainly for residential buildings.
h) Introduction to ArchiCad 2
The second section also consists of an 8-week duration in which leaners advance to
commercial buildings, landscapes and more advanced renders. A prerequisite in ArchiCAD 1 is
a) ArchiCad 1 & Concept Development
This is a 12 week course that combines ArchiCAD 1 and concept design as the name suggests.
This means the learner gets the added benefit of generating ideas\concepts for interior spaces
and combining them and representing them with the aid of computer generated architectural
b) Residential interiors
Residential interiors can be a complex endeavor to undertake for any designer. They are varied
and require specialized knowledge to properly execute projects in this area of interior or
architectural design. This 8-week course helps learners navigate these intricacies by imparting
skills such as space zoning, building orientation etc. This unit has not prerequisite.
c) Space Planning
All spaces we dwell in require some form of arrangement to make them livable and serve their
purpose. This 8-week short course allows learners develop skills in arranging different interior
and exterior spaces to make them more livable and to allow furniture, fixtures, fittings,
equipment and machinery serve their purpose efficiently and with safely within the space.
Prerequisites to this unit include introduction to technical drawing 1 and or 2 and or ArchiCAD
1 and or 2.

d) Space Planning 1 & Colour Theory
This 12-week short course combines space planning and color philosophies into one course.
The leaner gains skills at selecting appropriate color schemes to suit specific spatial needs so
that this spaces are functional and aesthetically pleasing. The prerequisites are introduction to
technical drawing 1 and or 2 and or ArchiCAD 1 and or 2.
e) Space Planning 2 & Bill of Quantities
This short course combines space planning and generation of a bill of quantities (this is a
document that outlines the quantities of materials needed to execute a project). The learner
at the end of the course is able to generate estimates for execution of their projects. The
prerequisites for this course are introduction to technical drawing 1 and or 2 and or ArchiCAD
1 and or 2.